What is your wedding style?
I would describe it as rustic-romantic. I love having candles, branches, and curly willow to set that sensual, outdoorsy mood.

Who took your engagement pictures?
Actually, a good friend of my fiancĂ©’s took them for us!

How many people should we have at our wedding?
Great question! It depends on what you want!  If you want to keep it simple and intimate, invite your closest friends and family. If you feel like everyone coming will make your day magnificent, then tell them all about it!

Why did you start Your Bridal Bestie?
As a bride, I know that planning can be wearing on anyone. I love to help people and since I love weddings, it made sense to put the two together! I really enjoy the planning and organization aspects of a wedding, so why not extend my interest to help another bride? I want everyone to have a great experience while planning their big day, and I want to assist them in making sure that is possible. I have always wanted to be a wedding planner, so this is only my first step to becoming the next big name in event planning.

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