Shrink $pending

DIY (Do It Yourself)
This doesn't mean that you have to create every single thing from scratch, but there are a ton of fabulous ideas out there that look amazing, but cost close to nothing! Even on The Knot website, there are a lot of DIY ideas that can cut cost, but still allow you to have what you want. This may seem time consuming, but it could end up being a great way to have your own personal touch in your wedding or even time to spend with your girl friends. If you need extra help, that's what Your Bridal Bestie is for! Just email me :)

I know what you're thinking... Couponing for our wedding!? I don't want you ripping through Sunday magazines or watching that TLC show, but be conscious of other options. My fiance and I have decided on a wedding photographer whose profile my mom found through Groupon! Exactly, makes you think twice, huh? After researching them and their reviews from other clients, we went with them and ended up saving ourselves a lot of moola!

Be Conscious of Seasons
This seems like a no brainer because I know you all love to do this when shopping for cute clothes, but just like apparel, other items go on sale when the stores switch to new seasons. If you have about a year before your wedding, things will be marked down now that you could use as decor for your wedding! My mom snagged some large and medium lanterns that were $7-$3 from Target that we will be using to line the aisle. I have looked everywhere for some iron lanterns that were less than $20, but since we've been keeping our eyes open since Spring items are going on sale, we were able to save!

Yes, I know, you have enough to do, but comparing prices could end up saving you some extra bucks. If you are buying your own decor, check out Save on Crafts for a lot of vases, lights, candles, etc. One of the florists that we considered told me that she uses that site a lot! In other cases, compare a retail store's prices to the manufacturer's prices of that product. A lot of the time it will be cheaper and if you need to item in bulk, it's a lot easier and could went up being less expensive when ordering directly from the manufacturer.

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