Take a Break

When the planning gets a little too hectic, take a minute to enjoy something else. Although we've been planning and making decisions left and right, we try to take some time to do other things. I'll admit, I make it hard for my fiance to get out of wedding mode, but it's healthy to breathe for a little while! I will be posting some DIY projects, fun date ideas, recipes, and just about anything else that you can imagine :)

This week's fun when taking a break:

Date spot: It's nice and toasty outside, like 100 degrees +! Take a trip to the park and picnic, or take the dog for some play time, something active that will be fun and help you get your sweat on. Although it's very hot out, you will feel so much better after some activity outside. I'm sure your honey will love it too :)

DIY: I decided to go with an idea that I've seen all over Pinterest. I just wanted to try it out, so I started out VERY basic, as you'll notice in the picture. I'll put up some new pictures when I try this project again and take a little more time on the design, which I'll probably do with a Bride & Groom theme! Anyway, I bought two mugs from the dollar store and found some Sharpies at home (I would recommend buying new markers, just to be sure that they are full and won't be inconsistent). I washed the mugs in the dishwasher and let them completely dry for a few hours. While they were washing, I found a font that I liked and practiced using it before I wrote on the mugs. I then drew an L on one and wrote my fiance's name on the other using the markers. Then I left them over night and put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to let the design set and allow it to become permanent. Presto!

NOTE* If you mess up, fingernail polish remover will fix any mistakes but make sure that you wipe off the remover with water and a rag or paper towel completely because it wouldn't be too safe to stick the mug in the oven with flammable remover still on it! ;)

Recipe: A delicious, simple morning smoothie. Literally, SO simple
Peel and cut one banana and 4-5 medium sized strawberries
Freeze them in a Ziploc bag for about two hours
Empty into a blender
Add about 3/4 cup of Simply Orange (No pulp) orange juice
Blend until its smooth

For you ladies who are dieting and excersising as I am, look up the NFL cheerleader workout on Pinterest or Shape.com- it will make you feel amazing afterward with just the right amount of burn and fun! Go get fit and fabulous for that dress ;)

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