Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Florist Face-off

   We've been shopping for the best florist that fits our needs lately, and its been a struggle because of the millions of factors that tie in to what makes a suitable florist. Style, habit, price, and one that I've noticed- willingness. The top two that we have met with are two completely different people! While they are both very sweet and cooperative, one charges for things that I wasn't expecting, like putting together samples or working with me one-on-one to find a style that I like. I'm not excited about paying for that, but I would much rather see a sample of what I'm paying for before I walk in to my reception (uh, duh). On the other hand, we have creativity between the two. One is all about the styling and doing things that are unique, or unexpected, while the other is down right obedient to exactly what I tell her that my vision is. I don't know about you ladies, but I love when someone has the expertise to put touches on my amateur vision where they know it will add to it and not change it. Finally, the financial aspect comes in to slap the dreams of six foot centerpieces out of your reality. Luckily, both florists are in our price range, but this makes deciding even harder! Then again, going back and assessing what is included in each price can definitely be a tie-breaker. Make sure to note whether everyone in the wedding party and family is taken care of, as well as the tax, delivery, and set-up charges that the florist will charge!
   It's a tough decision, but hopefully we can speak with both of them to find a middle ground where all qualities that we admire can be brought to the table in either florist. Are you having a hard time choosing between two vendors? Tell us about it!

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